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Advantages of electric hot water installation

Electric hot water installation has become popular for many homeowners and businesses due to its numerous advantages. 

Let’s explore the benefits of electric hot water installations in detail.



Do you know if electric hot water installation is a safe option? Electric hot water doesn’t use the combustion process to heat water, leaving no chances of explosion and fires.

Furthermore, water boils at a very fast rate, and the electrical safety rating is high since it does not use natural gas. So your family and children are better safe with using electric hot water installation.

Less space

Another benefit of electric water installation is that it takes up very less space as you can mount it on the wall, and they are ready to use. 

Unlike the gas water installation process, it does not require a natural gas or propane tank. In addition, you can install a hot electric water system near the hot water usage, eliminating the need for fixtures and piping costs.

Low initial costs 

Electric water heaters are the best choice when it comes to price as they are less costly in comparison to gas heaters since they are not dependent on the ventilation system and piping.

Due to zero dependency on in-house infrastructure, the electric system installation is simpler, easier, and affordable. However, installation costs can vary depending on the size and type of electric water heater.

Environmentally Friendly 

Electric hot water installations are environmentally friendly as they do not produce harmful emissions or contribute to air pollution. 

Unlike gas or oil-fired water heaters, electric heaters do not release carbon monoxide or other greenhouse gasses, making them a greener option for heating water. 


Electric hot water installations are versatile, so you can install them in various locations, including homes, apartments, businesses, and even remote locations where gas or oil supply may not be available. 

They are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, providing flexibility in terms of installation options.

Now that you know the benefits of hot water electric installation, Call us now. Our trusted and professional plumbers at Best Plumbing and gas fitting service in Lower Hutt always strive to offer quick solutions at unbeatable prices.

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