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How to Fix a Leaking Mixer Tap?

Leaking taps are common plumbing problems in every household, and if left unavoided for too long, these taps can create havoc on your property. Repairing your leaking taps becomes all the more important not only to save your house but to control your expenses as well.

Here are simple ways to fix your leaking plumbing issue:

Turn off the water supply

Firstly, turn off the water supply to your mixer tap at either a stop or isolation valve. You can locate the stop valve next to your water meter and the isolation valve below the supply lines.

Release the remaining water left in your pipes by turning on the mixer. Then, put a plug in your sink to stop any parts from falling down the drain.

Remove the Plastic Cap/Cover

When fixing a leaking mixer tap, the first thing is to remove the cap covering the grub screw. Usually, this cap indicates hot and cold water on the mixer handle. 

You can lift off the cap either by using your nails or a Stanley knife and extract the cap with a small, flat-headed screwdriver. Make sure not to be careless while removing the cap, or else you might need to replace it.

Remove the Grub Screw & Handle

Once you remove the cap from your mixer handle, you will notice a grub screw in the hole underneath, which helps fix your handle to the base of your mixer tap. After removing the grub screw, you can lift the handle off the cartridge spindle.

You will sometimes find a build-up of calcium carbonate or limescale, creating problems for removing the mixer handle from the base, then soak your mixture for 20 minutes in a combination of half-water and half-vinegar.

Remove Chrome Dress Ring & Retaining Nut

Next is to remove the chrome dress ring using a pipe wrench. After removing the dress ring, you will notice a brass retaining nut. Remove this retaining ring to find a mixer’s ceramic cartridge. 

Use an old cloth in between your tools and the mixer to prevent damage to your tap’s finish.

Replace the cartridge and reassemble the mixture

Once you find the cartridge, remove and replace it with a new one. After fixing the new cartridge, assemble the mixer and start your water supply at either stop or isolation valve.

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