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How to fix faulty faucets?

Are you fed up with leakages in your kitchen? It is obvious to get annoyed by the dripping sound of water in the house. However, you can easily find a solution by fixing faulty faucets.

Here are a few steps for fixing leaky faucets:

Turn-off the water supply

Before you start fixing the leaky faucet, make sure to switch off the water supply at the shut-off valve, or turn-off the main water supply as ignoring this step can create a mess of water all around. Make sure to confirm that there is no water flow by turning the faucet. After getting confirmed, you can move on to your next step.

Pull off the Handle

Depending on the type of fixture you will decide to remove the faucet. Use a flathead screwdriver for standard fixtures. Remove the cap on the top of the handle, and you will see a screw below the handle, unscrew it and pull off the handle.

Remove the Cartridge

After removing a handle, you need to loosen the packing nut and there you will see the inner valve stem, or cartridge which also needs to be removed.Depending on the type of faucet, some stems come off easily while others you need to twist off .

Replace the damaged part

After removing all the parts, check out the reason behind the leakage, or if anything needs to be fixed or replaced. Inspect O-ring, rubber washers, and seals.If you find any part is damaged or needs to be changed , then go for replacement.

Clean surrounding areas
Clean and dry the area around the handle and all the parts with a cloth.Look at the After removing the stem or cartridge, clean and dry the area around handle and other parts with cloth to restore its look.

Refix all the parts
Once you are done with the replacing and cleaning step, refix everything and turn on the water supply and check for leaks.

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