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How to fix the running toilet?

Here are some keys points on how to fix the running toilets:

Turn off the water

Firstly, turn off the water supply of your toilet. You will find a small knob on the right side of it.

Turn the knob to the right side to shut the valve and stop the water supply. Remove all the water from the tank by flushing off the toilet.

Check the flush valve chain

The flush valve chain connected to the flapper at the bottom of the tank can create problems. If it is too short, it can cause water to flow constantly, and when the chain is too long, it can become trapped in the flapper, preventing it from closing.

Make sure to check if the chain is fixed onto anything so that you can release it.

Remove the flapper

Flappers are the main reason behind running toilets since flappers seal the water tank when toilets are not in use, but if the seal is weak, water will flow continuously from the tank. Unfasten a chain that fixes the flapper to the flush lever inside the tank and remove the flapper from the tank.

Examine the flapper for warping, mineral deposits, or other deposits. Clean the dirty flapper under water and replace the flapper, if it looks damaged.

Check water level

The water level in the tank should be 1 inch below the top of the overflow tube, and if the water level is too high, water will continuously flow from the fill tube into the overflow tube.

You can lower the water level by adjusting the float rod, float cup, or float ball.

Look at the float ball

You can adjust the water level with a float ball. Bend the float arm to adjust its height and position by connecting it to the black, balloon-like float near the top of the tank. 

Flush the toilet to check if the running water stops once the tank gets filled.

Check your float cup

Adjust a float cup on the fill valve. Look for the spring clip on its side, and press it inside with your hands. 

Now you can raise or lower the float cup according to your need and flush the toilet to check if the issue gets resolved.

Check the fill valve

The other issue might be with the fill valve. Turn off the water supply and drain the tank. Remove the water supply line located outside the toilet using a wrench to unscrew the locking nuts. Remove the lock nut on the bottom of the tank with a wench and pull the fill valve out of the tank.

Put the new fill valve assembly and adjust the height of the fill valve and float to ensure it sits at the correct level for the toilet. Reattach the water supply line and turn the water on. Flush the toilet to determine if the problem is solved.

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