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How to install a gas stove line connection?

Are you looking to install a gas stove line connection? As you know, it is not an easy task, and a single mistake can put your life in danger and create havoc in your house.

So let’s understand some simple steps to help you install a gas connection safely at home:

Get the right gas range connector

Make sure not to use the old gas connector. Purchasing a new one will provide you with better and safer results. Buy a connector that is marked a “Range”. Make sure to choose a connector having the correct width and length, as this will make the connection easier.

Shut off the gas

Don’t forget to turn off the gas before you start the installation of the gas line. Shut off the valve, making the handle at the right angle to the line. It is better to close both valves, one from the wall and the other installed in-line to ensure complete safety.

Remove old connector

Once you are done with the valve, you can safely remove the connector. With the help of a wrench, you can remove the connector from both sides by releasing the threads, and do not forget to remove the tape on the existing gas line connection or shut off the valve with the help of a damp cloth or wire brush.

Fix the connector with pipe-joint tape

Make sure to have a gas pipeline with a good length that allows you to easily maintain your gas stove without disconnecting the gas line.

Before you fix the connector with the stove, Use pipe-joint tape to wrap between the inner thread of the gas connection until it gets tightened. Then apply the tape firmly on both the gas line and connector and make sure to wrap the tape tightly to prevent leakage.

Install the new gas line connection

Fix the new gas range connector at both ends and make the gas line connection. You can fix the connector using a wrench, and don’t forget to tighten it properly. Check both ends of the connector to confirm their security.

Check for gas leak

Make sure to check the gas leak before you finally settle down with installing a gas pipe. You can use a gas leak detector or apply water on the joints of your gas lines, and if you notice bubbles, then there is a gas leak.

So check the thread and redo the taping of the connector, and if you still find the problem, you can change the pipe and start the process again.

Turn the gas Valve

Put the stove back in its place and confirm the right level. Turn on the valve to let the gas flow to your stove.

If you need any help, our licensed gas fitters in Lower Hutt, Wellington are adept at installing your gas stove line connections in the best possible way.

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