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Necessary steps to be taken to prevent leakage of gas!

Gas leakage is not only threatening to the life of your family members, but can also lead to a fire in your house, so it is very crucial to stop gas leakages before it wreaks havoc in your house.

Let’s see the following steps to prevent gas leaks:

Detect gas leak

If there is any gas leakage in the house, then there is a strong smell like sulfur or rotten eggs. Some other common signs of gas leaks are:

  • A hissing or whistling sound
  • A cloud of dust or white mist
  • Bubbles in your water
  • Dead houseplants
  • Damaged gas pipe

Stay aware

Teach your children and other family members to act smartly in case you feel gas leakage in your surroundings. Don’t panic, and take the necessary measures to protect yourself, which include turning off the gas valve after cooking and avoiding switch on the fans, and lights as it could lead to a fire in the house,


Make sure that there is adequate space in the kitchen to keep gas appliances and fittings at a safe distance, and it should have proper ventilation to allow fresh air inside.

Regular inspection

Make sure to get your gas equipment and pipes inspected regularly by certified inspectors. They check everything from regulators and hoses to burners if they require any repair.

Replace old gas fittings

If you find corrosion, rust, and cracks on your gas pipe, then it is time to replace the gas line fittings and pipes.
Don’t try this yourself as it requires skills, which include turning off gas and replacing old fittings with new ones, and only professionals can solve this issue

Install safety equipment

Keep safety equipment like carbon monoxide, or fire extinguishers in your house. Installing a carbon monoxide detector works like a smoke alarm since it emits a loud sound if it detects carbon monoxide.
Gas leakage is very dangerous and can easily catch fire with a little spark, so be prepared by keeping fire extinguishers at home as you can quickly reach out to them to douse the fire.

You can contact us to make your house free of any gas-related risks. Our Experienced plumbers are always ready to help you!

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