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Reasons to replace your gas water heater?

How do you ascertain that your gas water heater is underperforming? As you know, every appliance comes with an expiry period and gives us signals that the time has come to replace it. However, most people don’t understand those warning signs and suffer extra expenses to keep the system operating.

Here are a few signs to help you know your water heater might need replacement.


As your gas heater gets older, you face more problems while using it. A water heater lasts up to 10 to 12 years, so replacing the system before it starts troubling you will be a good option.

It is evident that every appliance comes with a certain lifespan and after that, starts declining. Putting in a new water heater will prove more efficient in saving you time and money.

Gas LeaksĀ 

Do you feel an unpleasant smell in your surroundings that makes you feel dizzy or unwell? Don’t forget to inspect your water heater, as these are all signs of poisonous carbon monoxide gas leakage. Such a leak poses a huge threat not only to your property but also to the life of every family member in the house.

Best to call a gas fitter to check on the gas appliance, but if you think your system is old enough, then better to replace it, as spending on the old system might cost you more in the long run.


Do you know that with time sediments start settling at the bottom of the water heater system? Yes! And if these sediments remain inside the tank for a long time, they can obstruct the way of the drain plug.

Make sure to flush the system once a year to avoid this issue, but if you feel this problem often occurs, replacing your old heater is a better choice.

Less hot water

Do you feel your water is less hot compared to the past and your room is not as warm as it used to be earlier? It means something is wrong with the gas heater, and the system needs to be replaced or serviced at the earliest since it might not be pocket friendly to keep this issue on hold for so long.

Are you in need of replacing your gas water heater? Our team at gas fitting service in Lower Hutt always strives to offer prompt and professional plumbing and gas fitting service.

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