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Why is a gas leak dangerous?

Natural gas is safe and convenient when installed correctly and used carefully. However, gas leaks can occur, which leads to damages, including property and many health issues.

Fires and explosions

Gas leakage is dangerous and can occur due to cracked or damaged gas lines, and once they merge with flammable substances, it can create havoc on your property.

As it is odor-free and disperses into the air, whenever any spark from appliances such as gas stoves or gas water heaters in your home occurs, chances of fire or explosion are likely to occur and can even lead to loss of life.

Dangerous to your health

As the gas dissipates into the house, it pollutes the air quality of your home, especially in rooms with poor ventilation. Whenever the leakage occurs, there is a decrease in the quantity of oxygen in the air, which creates respiratory problems, making breathing difficult.

As you inhale the gas accumulated in the air and produce poisonous carbon dioxide, causes nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and headaches. Even in extreme cases, it can lead to memory loss, loss of vision, and consciousness.

Fatal to animals

Whenever gas leaks happen, pets at home suffer the most. Since the emission of gas result in poisonous carbon dioxide, animals being weak and of smaller size can easily get affected. Animals can become weak or sluggish or can experience breathing problems and suffocation. In some cases, you can also see vomiting. Keep a check on gas leaks in your home whenever you notice these symptoms in your pets.

Harmful to the environment

Being made up of many components, natural gas also includes methane, a greenhouse gas, that is effective in absorbing infrared radiation that emits from the earth and is 100 times more poisonous and stronger than carbon dioxide.

So when methane goes into the surroundings, it leads to global warming, which is a huge environmental problem and has devastating effects on the ecosystem. Hence it creates catastrophic environmental disasters.

Avoiding gas leakage can be a threat to your home and the environment. Our trusted and professional plumbers at Plumbing Gasfitting Maintenance LTD in Lower Hutt always strive to offer quick solutions at unbeatable prices.

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