Water Leakage Lower Hutt

How can you effectively detect water leakage in your house?

Dripping water in the bathroom or kitchen can irritate anyone, especially at night when you face difficulty while sleeping due to the noise of water leakage in your house. 

Timely repair of water leaks is imperative before it creates a mess and damages your property, but most of the time leaks are hidden, so it becomes hard to trace their signs.

Here are some of the ways to figure out if you have leakage in your home:

Check your water meter

Check on the water meter to know the water leaks in the plumbing parts. To start this, turn off the water supply in your home. Close all the faucets, and don’t forget to avoid using appliances that need water. Now check your meter, and if you notice any change after 15 minutes, it indicates leakage.

Try to locate where the leakage is happening either you can do it yourself or hire a professional service. In most cases, leakages happen in toilets and kitchens or may be hidden, which are difficult to trace.

Water bills

Soaring water bills can make you think about whether everything is ok in your house. Water leaks not only damage your property but put a heavy burden on your pockets as well. 

If you see a rise in your bill in the last few months, don’t forget to check if there is any leakage around. Delaying the plumbing repair can cost you more, so it’s better to take timely action to avoid paying more in the coming times.

Examine Your Pipes

Inspecting all the pipes in your house is another crucial factor while confirming any leakage around the house. Hissing sound in plumbing fixtures and fittings emerges if not sealed off well.

Sometimes leakage can be hard to spot. However, checking on the exit point of pipes for any cracks nearby can help you know the reason behind the signs of seepage.

Check Your Floor

If you find the floors of your house wet and humid, it indicates water leakages in the pipes. A moisture meter at home will help you detect water leaks, especially if you have old property where the drainage system is not well placed.

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