toilet suites installation wellington

How to install toilet suites?

Here are instructions on removing a toilet and installing a new one. 

Remove old toilet

Firstly, turn off the water supply at the shut valve placed on the wall or floor near the toilet, then flush the toilet to remove all the water from the tank and toilet bowl. Don’t forget to switch off the main water supply line. Wear rubber gloves to remove the remaining water in the tank using a towel and bucket. 

Soak up the towel for five minutes to remove the remaining water. Remove plastic bolt caps and disks at the toilet’s base, then undo the floor bolts using a wrench. After that, Remove the old toilet seat from the bathroom.

Clean the flange

The flange helps to fix the toilet to the drainpipe on the floor. Use an old towel or rag and stuff it into the floor flange to prevent gas from escaping into the house. Remove the old floor bolts from the flange, and using a putty knife, you can remove all the wax on the top of the flange.

You can use the old toilet’s flange and bolts if they are in good condition. In case you find it cracked, then better to replace it.

Install wax ring

Place the toilet in a side and fix the wax ring or seal at the bottom of the toilet.

Make sure to press the seal till it gets fixed properly. You can also attach the seal on the flange before fixing the toilet.

Place the toilet on the flange

Put the toilet on the flange by aligning the two bolts at the base of the toilet with the bolts on the flange. You can try to hold the toilet from the inside rim to get good hold and control in fixing the toilet.

 Moreover, aligning the bolts from the sides can bring cracks and also damage the toilet porcelain. It is better to be careful when placing the toilet on the flange and make sure not to tilt the toilet after fixing it on the seal as it can break the seal, creating leaks.

Bolt toilet to the floor and add tank

Add nuts and washer on floor bolts and tighten them evenly. Make sure not to overtighten the nuts. Then install the toilet tank to the bowl. The rubber gaskets at the bottom of the tank often are tight at first.

Add tank bolts and washers from inside the tank. Place the tank onto the bowl, aligning the shanks of the bolts with the holes in the bowl, and make sure to alternately tighten each tank bolt until the tank meets the bowl.

Attach the toilet seat

Install the toilet seat on top of the toilet bowl. Put the plastic bolts through the seat hinges and the holes in the toilet bowl. Hold the top of the bolt firmly to prevent it from moving. 

Then connect the water supply line to the toilet, turn on the water shut-off valve and check for leakage as the toilet tank fills with water.

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